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The device Orthoapnea ® is a patented prosthesis of splint type designed as solution for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea and moderate sleep syndrome and increased resistance of the upper airway (IRSUA) and for patients with severe apnea, who can not tolerate CPAP. It is also effective in the treatment of bruxism and forward jaw, that to some extent limits lateral movements, that appear in this disorder.

The main feature of the mandibular advancement prosthesis is its milimetric controled advancement, allowing in the case of a degradation the ability to retract the jaw. The merger of laterality, progress and openness had never been joined into one device, making this an advantage, in effect the rest of the existing apparatus. It is the only mechanism, that can be used in any type of dentition on patients with removable prosthesis, dummy implant and agomphiasis superior.

Its main features are made of exclusive material, an inner and outer elastomeric acrylic block. In the middle there is a screw made of pure titanium (G5), type worm, that allows easily regulated millimeter progress until the vestibular through the use of a special fiveshifted key for this device.

These peculiarities in the design and manufacture ensure that the prosthesis Orthoapnea is the best option of all intraoral appliance models proposed so far. Orthoapnea represents the latest generation of devices and is the only proven solution for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea, whose effectiveness has been proven in different clinical studies and currently is the device, tested and recommended in the main units of sleep of leading hospitals in Spain.

The use of the prosthesis significantly reduces snoring and apneas allowing patients to recover normal sleep pattern, normalize blood pressure and eliminate excessive daytime sleepiness in many patients, disabling levels reached their everyday lives. The use of intraoral devices in a single treatment option, non-invasive and fully reversible, which gives an ease and immediacy, that surpasses treatment over other treatment options. The doctors may give patients a simple solution design, manufactured with first quality materials and guarantees the remission of symptoms from the first day. Patients will find in Orthoapnea an easy, convenient use and enjoy the improvements from the first night they use it. Based on a simple philosophy by which mandibular advancement clears the airway and prevents the collapse, in one step Orthoapnea also thinks beyond the comfort of patients, and raises a prosthesis, that allows the opening and laterality differencing it from fixed appliances, causing so much trouble provoced by the withdrawal of therapy.
The user comfort is essential for the patient and aware of this, the laboratory Ortoplus has designed a prosthesis merging for the first time clinical goals of mandibular advancement with the convenience of users, which are perfectly adapted to the denture cause they can move their mouths, talk and even drink with the device in place. Orthoapnea can stop snoring or sleep apnea and returned to many patients and to their partners sleep and quality of life, that for years has been deprived.

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The device Orthoapnea®

Orthoapnea is the only device in the world, allowing patients to continue with their daily lives whilst wearing the appliance. Orthoapnea will not prevent the patient from talking, drinking, or moving the lower jaw (lateral, forward, or mouth opening).

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sleep apnea and snoring About Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Sleep apnea is a serious breathing disorder, potentially deadly, that affects 4% of the population. Patients with untreated apnea have increased mortality rates, being four times more likely to suffer accidents at work and when driving. Due to these factors their quality of life is substantially and worryingly reduced.

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