TMJ Pathologies and Sleep Apnea

The new generation of Mandibular Advancement Devices for the united treatment of sleep apnea and disc displacement with reduction of TMJ. Fully customized based on the patient’s jaw and joint biomechanics. The only truly effective device for the simultaneous treatment of both pathologies. Treating sleep apnea in patients with TMJ disc disease will no longer be a problem.


A device that adapts to the patient

The joint study of the patient allows to obtain their movement pattern and design the device from this pattern. Due to this we managed to increase the efficiency of the MAD by adapting it functionally to the patient. NOA TMJ does not require adaptation to operation by the user. It is the device that adapts to the particular situation of each patient.

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A MAD for TMJ specialists

Traditionally, the pathology of the TMJ was a contraindication for the treatment of Sleep Apnea using MAD. Now, NOA-TMJ allows effective and simultaneous treatment of SAOS and TMJ-reduced displacement with or without intermittent block. The criterion for recapturing the articular disc is generally established by eliminating the articular click during the opening and closing maneuvers of the mouth when the patient is wearing the splint. However, an individualized analysis of the craniomandibular pathology of each patient is necessary to decide whether or not the use of DAM is appropriate for the treatment of OSAS.


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