OrthoApnea Products


The new generation of mandibular advancement devices for the treatment of Sleep Apnea Fully customized according to the patient’s jaw biomechanics. A unique device for each mouth.

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A Mandibular Advancement Device specially indicated for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome. Two custom-made splints with a central adjustment system that allows a comfortable and controlled advancement of the jaw.

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Morning Aligner

Mandibular repositioning device with a mechanism that brings the jaw into a certain forward position to restore the disc-condylar relationship while the patient wears the device.

It is mainly based on restoring the disc-condylar relationship, allowing decompression of the retrodiscal tissue and improving the anatomical position of the disc within the TMJ.

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An online platform at your service, intuitive and easy to use. In it you will have an exhaustive control of the treatments of each one of your patients.
You will be able to request a treatment with the specifications and the level of personalization that you decide, decide where and when your impressions are collected. A fully digital tool compatible with all intraoral scanners.

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Compatible with all intraoral scanner

Have you taken the next step into the digital workflow? We have made sure we are ready to welcome you in this new way of working. Our systems are compatible with all of the main intraoral scanner brands.
Also, we have a digital support team ready to guide you step by step when sending your first cases using an intraoral scanner.