Order and manage all your treatments from a single platform

ApneaDock is a platform designed to be used by healthcare professionals such as doctors, dentists and sleep specialists. This platform enables more efficient and effective monitoring of sleep apnea treatment by recording data related to device use, symptom evolution and patient sleep quality.


Digital platform to easily order and manage all OrthoApnea treatments from your electronic devices.

Configure a new customized device in a simple and intuitive way, according to the patient’s needs. Make all the necessary adjustments, create a file for the treatment and consult the manufacturing and shipping process to the clinic.

ApneaDock allows communication between the dentist and medical specialist to report on the patient’s progress with AMD and to adjust the treatment as needed.

First steps

1. Apneadock.com Registration

Go to apneadock.com and "Register", fill in the form and send the request.

2. Impression taking

Take impressions or an intraoral scan of the upper and lower arches. Take the bite registration in the patient's usual occlusal position with a minimum cuspid spacing of 1.5 mm.

3. Treatment request

Access apneadock.com and request treatment.

4. Manufacturing and shipping

The device is designed and fabricated using a CAD/CAM process from the impressions and request made at Apneadock. After an exhaustive quality control, the device is sent to the clinic.


Need help?

  • How to register.
  • Create a treatment – Patient file.
  • Profile Management and Account Settings.
  • Create a treatment – New treatment.
  • Taking impressions with intraoral scanner.

Compatible with all scanners

Have you started digitizing?

Our system is compatible with all major brands of intraoral scanners. We also have a digital assistance team that will guide you through the entire digital flow of your first treatments with intraoral scanners.

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