OrthoApnea NOA

Customized according to the mandibular biomechanics of each patient.

OrthoApnea NOA is a unique mandibular advancement device, developed completely digitally and customized to fit each patient’s unique mandibular biomechanics. With OrthoApnea NOA, you will experience a restful and restful sleep, specifically designed to meet the individual needs of each patient.

The new generation of intraoral devices

Our cutting-edge technology, precise customization and unsurpassed comfort make OrthoApnea NOA an outstanding choice in the management of obstructive sleep apnea. Rely on proven efficacy backed by clinical studies and give your patients the quality of life they deserve.

The solution for the treatment of sleep apnea and snoring

A clinically proven solution for treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and snoring.

OrthoApnea NOA is indicated for:

  • Patients with mild to moderate OSA.
  • Patients with severe OSA intolerant to other treatments.
  • Snoring patients.


Composed of two individual splints that hold the mandible in a controlled forward position to facilitate breathing during sleep.

Each of the two splints is adapted to the patient’s upper and lower teeth and are connected by a cam that allows the jaw to be held in a forward or advanced position. This position is carefully adjusted to help keep the upper airway open and prevent obstruction that can occur during sleep.

Mandibular advancement

Mandibular advancement is carried out in a progressive and controlled manner by exchanging the lower splints.

The sequence of gradual advancement is defined by the dentist. They can be requested in millimeters with respect to the Starting Point (SP), or as a percentage of the patient’s total advancement range.


The device has a high resistance to wear, mouth forces and other impacts.

The surface finish of the device allows us to preserve the original color, avoiding the accumulation of bacterial plaque and the alterations produced by the passage of time.

The properties of the material provide strength, lightness and flexibility to the device for greater comfort and ease of use during sleeping hours.

Manufactured in Polyamide 12 (Polilaurinlactam, CAS No 25038- 74-8). A Class IIa biocompatibility certified material.


OrthoApnea NOA allows complete customization of the device to adapt it to the clinical needs of each patient.

Advance sequence


Vertical dimension

Limitation of opening

Additional splints

Front opening

Mixed design

Scalloped design

Hooks for elastic bands

Previous bands. Buccal bands.

Among the different configurations, OrthoApnea NOA allows the use of anterior bands, designed to increase the lingual space and reduce the vertical dimension in the mouth.

This configuration is especially effective for patients with an overbite, achieving a notable reduction in the volume of the appliance. A wide variety of combinations and types of bands are available, adaptable to the individual needs of each patient.

A unique experience

OrthoApnea NOA is delivered in an exclusive packaging that transforms the reception of the MAD into an experience of great value.

Our device has been designed with you in mind, providing you with a unique experience that will transform the way you approach breathing problems and nighttime rest.

“For the first time, there is a device that adapts to the individual movement characteristics of each patient.”

Dr. Eduardo Vázquez, DDS, MS, PhD

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Improve your quality of life and discover the ultimate solution to treat obstructive sleep apnea and snoring!