OrthoApnea Classic

Laterality, advance and opening control in a single device

The OrthoApnea Classic device is a mandibular advancement device composed of two custom-made splints joined by a central adjustment system that allows a comfortable and controlled mandibular advancement that increases muscle tone at the airway level.

The splints are made of acrylic and a medical titanium screw.

The mandibular advancement is regulated by activating the screw.


Mandibular advancement devices are indicated for patients with mild to moderate and severe obstructive sleep apnea intolerant to other treatments. They are also indicated for snoring patients.


Freedom of lateral movement up to 24 mm.
Midline deviation compensation. The range of laterality does not affect the midline deviation in occlusion as well as in the opening and advancement movement.


Aperture up to 12 mm.
Front opening to facilitate breathing.
Optimal occlusion between the splints.


Central feed regulation system by means of screw.
Reverse connecting rod mechanism. Further progress with the opening.
Feed rate adjustment up to 10 mm.
Precise system, every 3 turns, 1 mm advance.

Improve your quality of life and discover the ultimate solution to treat obstructive sleep apnea and snoring!