Morning aligner

OrthoApnea Morning Aligner is an intraoral device for occlusal repositioning of the patient’s arches that restores the natural bite position after the use of a mandibular advancement device (MAD).

Mandibular repositioning splint

The force exerted on the teeth and the memory effect to a protrusive position resulting from the mandibular advancement of the MADs throughout the night can cause dental and jaw movements that over time can lead to permanent tooth displacement or a change in the patient’s occlusion.

OrthoApnea Morning Aligner is the ideal solution. This innovative device has been specifically designed to counteract possible dental and jaw displacements that can result from prolonged overnight MAD use, effectively restoring the patient’s correct dental position and occlusion.

OrthoApnea Morning Aligner is used in the morning after using the MAD.

  • Restores dental occlusion.
  • Counteracts dental movements.
  • Avoid the most common side effects of MADs.

The splint is custom-designed with special ramps that promote the sliding of the lower arch to the patient’s normal occlusal position.


The brace has a high
resistance to the forces of the
mouth, falls and blows.

The surface finish of the device allows us to preserve the original color, avoiding the accumulation of bacterial plaque and the alterations produced by the passage of time.

The design and
adaptation of the material makes
that the device is very
comfortable during use.

Manufactured in Polyamide 12 (Polilaurinlactam, CAS No 25038- 74-8). A Class IIa biocompatibility certified material.

The splint is designed with a thickness of 1.2 mm which favors the reduction of the vertical dimension.

The splint offers good occlusion and sliding properties in case of movements.


OrthoApnea allows complete customization of the device to adapt it to the clinical needs of each patient.

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