Morning Aligner

Morning Aligner

Mandibular repositioning splint

OrthoApnea Morning Aligner is an intraoral device for the occlusal repositioning of the patient’s arches in the normal bite position after using a mandibular advancement device (MAD).

The force exerted on the teeth and the memory effect to a protrusive position as a result of the mandibular advancement of the AMD throughout the night can cause dental and jaw movements that over time can lead to permanent dental displacement or a change in the patient occlusion.


The splint is custom designed with special ramps that favor the sliding of the lower arch to the patient’s normal occlusion position.

How to use

OrthoApnea Morning Aligner is used in the morning after using the MAD to:

• Reestablish dental occlusion.
• Counteract dental movements.

With this, the most common side effects of MAD are avoided.


This splint is developed through a digital planning, design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) process to ensure greater degree of precision and adaptability of the same.

In manufacturing, high-precision 3D printers and class IIa biocompatible materials are used.



1. Record taking

Take impressions or an intraoral scan of the upper and lower arches.
Take the bite registration in the patient’s usual occlusal position with a minimum cusp separation of 1.5 mm.

2. Treatment request

Access and request treatment.

3. Manufacturing and shipping

The device is designed and manufactured using a CAD/CAM process from the records and the request made on Apneadock.
After an exhaustive quality control, the device is sent to the clinic.

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